Housing Costs: The Peabody Effect


The Board of Trustees recently approved a new contract that will increase on-campus housing for students by 3%. These changes come as a result of the closing of Temple’s oldest and cheapest dorm Peabody Hall.

Incoming students like Nicole Slinin, are still excited about living on campus in light of the price increase. “It means that more people want to come here,” she said.

However, not all students are as excited about having to pay more to stay on campus, because they say housing is already expensive. “The price of housing is already ridiculously high and more than..if you live off campus,” said Alyssa Ritsau, a resident of Morgan Hall. Ritsaus says that students pay more to share a room with someone on-campus than if they were to get a room to themselves off-campus.

The rising cost of housing both on and off campus has encouraged many students to commute.

“I know so many commuters and it’s just because they can’t afford the on campus housing,” said Kendal Swilling, a resident at Peabody Hall. “It separates you from the whole community and from being in Philadelphia and its not right.” she said.

A representative from the university stated today that “…These agreements are not unusual for Temple, which has demand for housing that exceeds its supply.”

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