Comics at a College in a Coffee Shop

If you often find yourself sitting lonely on a Friday evening looking for something fun to get you out of the dorm room, look no further than the Saige Cafe.

The Saige Cafe is a small coffee shop located right off campus on Warnock street, next to the commuter lounge. Comedians from all over the city gather there weekly for the TU Open Mic.

Founded in the Fall of 2015 by Jeff Rosen, a Temple senior, the TU Open Mic has been gaining popularity since early spring. Attracting all types of comedians, the show has a mellow vibe amplified by the rising talent. From 37 year old doctors to 18 year old students, the mic continues to bring in pleasant personalities.

Saige Cafe located at 1802 N Warnock St. Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Home of the TU Open Mic.
Saige Cafe located at 1802 N Warnock St. Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Home of the TU Open Mic.

One of those personalities being David Feinberg, a Temple junior. David hosted this Friday’s show for the first time and did an acceptional job, keeping it lighthearted and professional. Rosen, the founder of the show, is the shows regular host, but it seems Feinberg has solidified his spot.

The show was composed of an audience of about ten to fifteen open mic comics, students who weren’t quite sure what they stumbled upon, and of course the wonderful staff of the Saige Cafe. Making it a great environment for myself to try stand up comedy for the first time. The small audience didn’t stop the experienced comics though, with their stage presence, and great timing you would’ve thought they were performing in a professional comedy club.

Stage time is a hard thing to get in some cities for an open mic comic, and sure enough one of the only ways a comedian can improve is by continuing to perform on stage. That’s why cities like Philadelphia are so great, because they have venues like the TU Open Mic, which is a gold mine for an open mic comic.

That being said I encourage all aspiring comedians to check out the TU Open mic at Saige Cafe every Friday. It’s a place where you can be comfortable and practice your desired craft with good people.



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