Computer Recycling Center Celebrates Grand Opening

The Computer Recycling Center has moved from the Tech center to the ground floor of Pearson Hall. With a brand-new store front, the center celebrated its grand opening by giving out tours of the new area.

Back in 2003, Temple University had an overflow of old computer and electrical equipment that needed to be properly disposed of. Facing pressure from the State, Temple created the Computer Recycling Center to effectively process the excess equipment.

Now, the Computer Recycling Center processes over ninety tons of equipment each year. Much of that equipment is refurbished and redistributed throughout the university. Refurbished computer monitors and computers can be purchased for as little as $25 each at the recycling center.

With such great success over the years, director Jonathan Latko looks forward to providing computer and electronic equipment to schools in the surrounding areas. “The plan is to put a large computer lab in Duckrey about thirty computers in the basement… and then work with another school in south Philadelphia setting up computers in each classroom.”

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