Protecting the Planet, Along with Identities

Temple’s Office of Information Security and Privacy, Sustainability, and the Computer Recycling Center  came together to host the first ever paper shred event. The paper shred event took place on Monday, April 3rd, as one of the many events a part of Sustainability Week at Temple University. A ProShred Security truck came to Founder’s Garden to shred papers and personal documents students, faculty, and staff wished to get rid of.

Not only does paper shredding help the environment, but it provides a secure way for people to dispose of classified documents containing personal information. “Today we’re putting this event on because we are trying to inform people about having privacy information at their home on paper shred, so it’s really important to get rid of old documents like tax returns or things with your social security number on it,” said Associate Vice President of Computer Services, Larry Brandolph.

Computer Services hoped to educate people about identity security, and that some documents need to be shredded, not just thrown away.

Along with the shredding, organizers of the event gave out information and water bottles to help educate people about sustainability and how everyone can help out. In the end, the event collected more than 5,000 pounds of paper. Officials hope to surpass that record when it returns next year.

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