Concerns About Crime On Campus

Just six weeks into the semester, students are already expressing their safety concerns about crime on and around campus. Just two weeks after an armed home invasion at Sydenham Street, more students found themselves in danger.

Eight Temple students were robbed at gunpoint last Saturday evening. None of the students were injured in the robbery, and police are still looking for the people responsible. This incident prompted a TU Alert to be sent out to students and parents at 9:08 P.M.

This alert is one of many serious incidents that have affected students throughout campus. Students shared their concerns about campus crime and safety along with how effective they feel that TU Alerts really are in keeping students safe.

Junior Anime Mosaku notes that since TU Alerts are “sent after the fact”, it puts the different campus safety services in a difficult spot for crime prevention. She feels that since they’re sent after an incident has occurred that “There’s really nothing they can do if they’re sending it after the fact.”

Freshman Ceci Giedzinski shares a similar sentiment. She feels that the alerts aren’t as thorough as they could be. “They’ll just be a very concise little message,” she said.

Ceci also explains how after receiving an alert she usually just decides, “okay I guess I just won’t go outside right now.” The conciseness of the alerts often does not offer much planning for students to adjust their situations for their safety.

With over 1,400 incidents of gun violence in Philadelphia so far this year, students have a right to feel concerned about their safety. If students have safety concerns or are aware of a crime that has occurred on or around campus, they can contact Campus Safety Services.

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