Coronavirus Closes Germantown Academy

Germantown Academy (GA) is among a growing number of Delaware Valley schools closing amid more cases of the Coronavirus.

The school made the decision to close its doors because a student came in contact with a relative who tested presumed positive for COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

The student tested presumed positive for the virus, and three other students remained in self-quarantine after it was learned they had contact with the infected student, according to KYW.

The school underwent a deep clean while students stayed home from Monday, March 9, 2020, through Wednesday, March 11, 2020.

Students began attending virtual classes on Thursday, March 12, 2020, until Tuesday, March 17, 2020. The school will remain closed during its scheduled Spring Break.

Liana Silversmith, a concerned parent, said it is difficult to find care for her son while the school closed.

“It’s very frustrating cause we’re both working parents. It’s been tough trying to figure out how I can go to work and so he can be happy.”

Members of the community are on high alert, as there are twelve presumed positive cases of the virus in Pennsylvania. However, what is more concerning to residents are the eight presumptive positive cases in Montgomery County.

Rachel Rubin, a Fort Washington resident and graduate of Germantown Academy, believes it’s a good idea for schools to close as more cases arise in Pennsylvania.

“Every day now, we are finding out more and more people are being diagnosed with it, so we really don’t know. So, I think that sure it’s the right move, but we should all do it then.”

Many schools have decided to temporarily shut down.

Cheltenham School District announced their entire district will be closed until Friday, March 13, 2020, after school officials learned a district parent had direct contact with a patient who tested presumptive positive for the Coronavirus.

Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School also said schools are closed for the rest of the week after a student was in contact with someone who tested presumed positive for the virus.

Professor of Gastroenterology at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine Dr. Brenda Horwitz says this is a very serious issue and should not be taken lightly.

Dr. Horwitz’s message to folks is, “If you’re ill and are not an essential health care provider, you should stay home…to try to prevent the spread.”


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