Crime Updates Around Campus

Crime activity on and around campus for the most part has not increased a lot since last year according to Campus Police. However, there are some fluctuations.

There were 8 more robberies and 7 more aggravated assaults last month than in October of 2021.

In September 2021 there were 6 more robberies than this past September but September 2022 had 5 more aggravated assaults. 

And August 2021 had 6 more aggravated assaults and stolen vehicles than August of 2022. 

So although the statistics show there has not been a major increase in violent crime around campus, students we spoke with are still concerned.

“I kind of have always been very conscious about where I walk, and like how fast I’m walking,” says Julia Cox, a senior at Temple.

Taylor Giandonato, another Temple senior says, “I feel like I’m always on the lookout and on edge, I definitely don’t let my guard down so I wouldn’t say I’m comfortable or anything.”

So far in 2022 there have been 55 TU Alerts, 51 within the Campus Safety Patrol Zone. In 2021, there were 58 TU Alerts and 54 in the Campus Safety Patrol Zone. 

TU Alerts are received as text messages and emails, but some Temple students say they rely more on the Citizen’s app for crime alerts & updates.

Freshman at Temple Shrey Sitara says about Citizen, “It tells me other stuff as well that’s not related to TU police”

“TU Alert is definitely for campus things but there’s a lot of things that are close to campus that is on Citizen that TU doesn’t report about.” Trude Davis s about prefering the Citizens app.

Walking escorts are available daily from 4P.M to 6A.M, and the TU Flight is also available for students from 6P.M to 2A.M daily, you can go to Temple’s Campus Safety website for more information.

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