Crunch Time Café De-stressing Students During Finals

It’s crunch time for students at Temple University, as finals have arrived.

With finals beginning this Thursday, May 4th, many students are looking for a way to escape the stressful environment.

The Paley Library is hosting its annual Crunch Time Café, an event that take place throughout the week until May 9th. The café aims to help students de-stress and take a break from the books, with activities ranging from games, free food, and even therapy dogs,

Kaitlyn Semborski, Administrative Specialist of Temple Libraries, coordinated the event. “We hope to provide a space where students can not only study and get help from a librarian, but also relax and get some free food,” Semborski says.

Along with giving students a way to take a break from their finals, the café also provides a much-needed mental break. Andrea Chang, a senior Math and Science Major, is taking on nine finals this semester. The Café helps her in taking her mind off of studying as she says, “Not having to think about finals that actually is really helpful in terms of studying and when I actually do have to study I’m not thinking about all the time in my head.”

Along with the Crunch Time Café, the Tech Center also aims to help students during finals week. It will be open 24/7 until May 10th.

Finals Week can have heavy effects on students, as sleep deprivation and malnutrition are some of the many things they commonly face.

With the help of Paley and the events of the Crunch Time Café, Andrea, as well as the many other students facing finals this coming week, will have a safe place to retreat when needing to take their heads out of their books.

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