Defect to Cause Crowds, Delays on Regional Rail

septaSEPTA riders can expect crowded cars and schedule delays starting Tuesday, July 5, after a defect has resulted in 120 train cars being removed from service.

The 120 Silverliner V cars account for roughly 13,000 seats and about one third of the regional rail cars. SEPTA announced in a statement that “the impact on our customers is substantial.”

Per SEPTA’s website, riders will see a modified Saturday schedule to compensate for the loss of the cars. You can find modified schedules on SEPTA’s website. There is no word as to when train schedules will return to the normal weekday schedule.

Temple sent out a TU Alert Monday evening for staff who use the regional rail, suggesting they find other means of transportation. The email noted that both the Liacouras and Montgomery garages will be open for staff parking.


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