Diamond Band Hits the National Spotlight

This year, the football team isn’t the only one doing great on the field, the Diamond Band has been grabbing some touchdowns of it’s own.

The band’s covers of hit songs like ‘One Less Problem’ and ‘Ain’t It Fun’ has grabbed a national spotlight. The band has taken to social media to help gain recognition from the artists they cover.

“We tweeted at everybody and said ‘Hey check out this show, we did your songs, we want you to see the show,” and they ended up catching on and retweeting it and then talking about it getting picked up on different news sources,” said junior band member Erin Mihalik.

Big names likes Bastille, Ryan Seacrest and Paramore have taken the time to tweet links of the bands performance covers, leading to big exposure and an even bigger viewing of their YouTube channel.

The marching band strives to cover big name songs, and music that the people in the stands would listen to and be able to sing along with.

“The band is really for the students,” said Band Director Matthew Brenner. “Not just the students in the band, but the students in the stands as well.”

USA Today has recently named the Diamond Band number one in their Top 5 College Marching Band Covers You Have to Hear for their performance of “She Looks So Perfect” by 5 Seconds of Summer. 

The Diamond Band has also been hitting the big screen as they appeared in the Oscar-nominated film, “Wolf of Wall Street.”

For more of the Diamond Band’s covers, and information on what’s coming up in their future, you can visit their Twitter.


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