TKE Member: “I Felt Betrayed.”

In the past month, fraternities have been under fire from the national media. Scandals involving racism and invasion of privacy have tarnished the image of Greek life at universities. Multiple fraternities at more than 7 universities have already been suspended or disbanded.
Here at Temple, one fraternity knows all too well about university sanctions. Last October Tau Kappa Epsilon, or TKE, was disbanded for violating the alcohol abuse policy, good neighbor policy, and noise complaints. With these sanctions, Temple ruled that they will no longer associate themselves with TKE for the next 5 years. TKE will no longer be allowed to conduct social or charity events through the university.

They also will not be allowed to recruit any incoming freshman interested in Greek life. A member of TKE who will remain anonymous believes the university blindsided them with these sanctions.

“I felt betrayed by my school. It’s become apparent that this school cares far more for their reputation than for the state of their current student body.”

Temple released a statement in regards to the policies of student organizations, saying “We encourage organizations to take the time to reflect on the current and potential value that they can bring to a campus and grow from the lapses in judgement that have occurred.

Other Temple Fraternities have expressed their sympathy, but realize as a University organization, they have a reputation to uphold. Alpha Epsilon Pi president Mike Zahn said, “I am sympathetic to their cause and hopefully they can resolve their issues sooner rather than later. As a student organization, we try to communicate and work with Temple as much as possible to make sure these issues do not occur.”

After the hearing, TKE attempted to file an appeal. However, when making an appeal, there must be evidence that the investigation was incomplete or inconsistent. The court ruled the investigation was complete, and that the notion for an appeal be rejected. For now TKE must live with the sanctions given to them. “At the end of the day we got kicked off for throwing a party. I genuinely hope that this does not happen to anyone else because it is just not fair.”

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