The Changing Faces Of London


Diversity is a word used often to describe our domestic campus, and it is a rising social trend throughout the world. Temple Update took a stroll down some London streets to reveal the changing faces of the city.

A 2011 consensus record found that the greater London area was made up of over 40 percent non-white. A 12 percent increase since 2001.

With a diversifying population brings new culture, new ideas and new food.

Yavuz Ozborme the owner of Desperados authentic restaurant in Greenwich came over from Turkey for opportunities only London could offer.

Ozborme says, “I came here when I was 17 years old, I finished school in my country and came to London to learn English, run a restaurant, and work in a hotel.”

London local Jamie Styles is a journalist and social media expert who has lived in the city his whole life. Styles say that the growing diversity within the past several years has  gradually reshaped the city and its rich culture.

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