Draught Horse Closing After 20 Years


After 20 years, the Draught Horse Pub and Grill is saying goodbye. 

The sports bar, located on the corner of Broad and Cecil B Moore, was a popular spot for students to gather on campus. They are permanently closing by February 17.

Director of operations Mike Frost told the Philadelphia Business Journal that Draught Horse failed to reach a new agreement with Temple. 

Former employee Jason Peters says the closure is a result of both the pandemic and the university. 

“Unfortunately Draught Horse was a casualty of covid and Temple, and mainly Temple. I mean, both things killed it” said Peters.

Peters says the Draught Horse asked Temple for rent relief, and the university only offered a one year lease.

University spokesman Raymond Betzner told Temple Update,

“We understand the last year has been difficult on many restaurants in the region. The lease at the Draught Horse is ending its term. We offered them a one-year extension on the same terms as the current agreement. That extension was not picked up.”

Draught Horse is just one of the many local businesses that endured financial struggles amid the covid-19 pandemic. Campus favorites such as Lee’s Hoagie House and Pazzo Pazzo have also closed.

Temple students and alumni say they will cherish the memories that were made at the “Horse”.

“It was a big part of campus life”, says Temple alum Paul Compagnino, “One day in particular, they used to call it “White Girl Wednesdays, it’s one day where everyone on Wednesdays would just go there and just go have fun. I went there the night before I graduated, so that’s one of my last memories I have at that place.”

When asked what her final words to “The Horse” would be, Temple grad Cierra Bard says hers would be thank you.

“They gave me literally some of the best nights of college.. at The Horse. So, it would be thank you times 100.”

For many, Draught Horse was more than a bar. It was a place where friends and family could come together and have a good time. 

“It’s going to be a real shame when that’s gone because that was my favorite bar North of Broad..and it was a lot of people’s,” said Peters.

While Draught Horse may reopen somewhere else in the future, for now, it is the end of an era.

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