Eagles Fans Celebrate the Eagles Super Bowl Win at the Eagles Parade


On Thursday, February 8th,  Eagles fans gathered in Center City Philadelphia to participate in their first Super Bowl victory parade.


Eagles’ fans from around the region joined the big party in Philadelphia. From the  Stadium to the Museum of Art,, people cheered and celebrated.


“It’s a dream come true, it’s definitely a dream come true. I’ve been waiting my whole life for this,” Brian, a Delaware resident said, “ I was there for 2004 and I was rooting for them, and we had our chance for redemption, and here we are baby.”


With the waving of the Eagles’ flags and singing of the “Fly Eagles Fly” song, fans could not conceal their happiness and they could not wait to see the parade and the Eagles team.


Travis Davis, a Philadelphia resident said, “ I just wanna see the team. I wanna see the team. I wanna see the players”


Overall, Eagles fans had a great time celebrating with their peers, and with the players, at a once in a lifetime opportunity. They do not call it the “city of brotherly love” for nothing!

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