Elizabeth Warren & Katie McGinty Rally Clinton Support at UPenn

As November 8th quickly approaches, the Clinton campaign is making their rounds in Philadelphia.

Today, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren joined Democratic Candidate for Senate Katie McGinty and current PA senator Bob Casey on stage at the University of Pennsylvania in a rousing speech in support of the former Secretary of State.

Surrounded by the Clinton Campaign slogan “Stronger Together,” both Warren and McGinty stressed the dangers of a Donald Trump presidency and urged the the students in the crowd not just to vote, but to volunteer for the Clinton campaign.

“There is just too much at stake,” said Warren.

The two hit home many visions for a country under a potential Clinton administration, including education, which McGinty stressed “Every child deserves a good education. Your zip code cannot be your destiny.” She followed by attacking her opponent Pat Toomey, asserting the Republican nominee for Senate prioritized private wealth and investments over providing quality education for all.

“Donald Trump and Pat Toomey think that millionaires and billionaires and giant corporations should be able to buy elections…We can whimper, we can whine, or we can fight, and Katie McGinty is fighting back,” she encouraged as the crowd rose to their feet.

Clinton support in the city of brotherly love will continue next week, as President Barack Obama will make a stop to rally his support on Tuesday.


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