Elmwood Park Zoo Reopens

The Elmwood Park Zoo is back in business after closing due to COVID-19 and the Zoo has new restrictions in place to keep people safe.

Families eagerly walked through the gates, tickets in hand, hoping to catch a glimpse of exotic animals they haven’t seen for over three months. Amber Land decided to make a day trip of visiting with her three children.

“We finally have something to do. We’re even more excited when everything opens up with the carousel and the zip lining,” says Land.

The entire layout of this zoo has also been converted to comply with social distancing guidelines. There is a one-way paw-print lined path guiding guests to keep a safe distance from each other.

According to Guest Services Manager, James Sheard, masks are mandatory for most guests.

“It’s just for guests coming in 9-years-old or older. If they have any conditions that would make mask-wearing harmful for them, we do have an at-risk hour every week (Tuesday) from 9 o’clock to 10 A.M.”

While gazing at a reindeer trying to cool off by a misty shower, you will also notice hand sanitizing stations scattered along the trail.

The Zoo is not only taking safety precautions for employees and guests but is also considering the safety of the animals. Some animals are off-limits to the public because of their susceptibility to contracting COVID-19.

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