Ex-Temple Player Who Committed Suicide Had Brain Injury

Adrian Robsinon (43) played at Temple from 2009-2011

Researchers have confirmed that Adrian Robinson Jr, a former Temple and NFL lineman who took his own life last May, was suffering from a brain disease. Researchers at the Brain Bank at Boston University verified that Robinson, who was 25 at the time, was afflicted with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a disease contracted from repeated blows to the head.

Robinson played for Temple from 2009-2011, playing in every game of his college career. As a sophomore he was name the MAC Defensive Player for the Year, and was honored with 1st team All-MAC as both junior and senior. He helped lead Temple their last bowl victory over Wyoming in 2011, the program’s first since 1979.

Robinson went on to play in the NFL for two years. Here he is pictured with the Pittsburg Steelers

He went on to play in the NFL in 2012-2013, where he made stops in Pittsburg, Denver, and San Diego.

Football and brain injuries have been heavily discussed topic, both by scientists and coaches. Much of this discussion came in the wake of Junior Seau’s death in 2012, wherein the Hall of Fame linebacker also committed suicide. The NFL has implemented new and strict protocols in recent years in an attempt to try and limit head injuries. The NCAA has come down hard as well, providing 42 definitions that constitute a concussion, making it harder for players to compete through their injuries. In September, PBS released study in collaboration with Boston University, which detailed findings that 87 of 91 deceased NFL players had tested positive for brain disease.

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