Experience Temple Day Welcomes Prospective Students

The future class of 2020 was welcomed to Temple University this past Saturday in the first of four Experience Temple Days of the year. Admitted students were shown the many different things the university has to offer them in several tours and presentations throughout the day.

Admitted students and their families were welcomed to the university to further explore their academic interests and get a better understanding of what to expect

during their college career. Admissions officials say Temple’s rising reputation is attracting more students than ever before.

The class of 2020 is breaking records, with over 34,000 applicants; this is the most talented group in Temple’s history. Of the 34,000 applicants, 16,000 will be admitted and the university will end up with a class of roughly 4,900 students. Students that were already accepted felt confident of their choice and look forward to the many things it has to offer.

“It’s in the city and it’s urban. And also their award winning programs because I’m going into the Fox School of Business,” incoming freshman, Abby Bedesem said.

Three more Experience Temple Days will take place throughout the semester.

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