Finals: Study Days, Exam Times

The onset of winter brings the end of the Fall 2015 semester, and late nights at Club TECH studying for final exams.  Fortunately, there will be two Study Days this semester: Tuesday, December 8, and Wednesday, December 9.

All final examinations will take place between Thursday, 12/10 and Wednesday, 12/16.


Students are encouraged to work out individual accommodations with professors if they have more than 2 exams scheduled for the same day.

All day and evening classes will have final examinations, according to a schedule provided by the university in their regular classrooms. Common finals, certain classes in math, finance, physics, statistics, and chemistry, will have their exams on specified exam days from 3:30-5:30PM.

Students attending classes that are not on the University matrix should consult with their Dean’s Office to find out when, and where, their examinations will be held.

Click here for the full exam schedule.

Following exams, winter break will officially begin on December 18 and continue through January 10. The spring semester begins January 11, the full winter break schedule can be seen below:


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