FIE Gives Students a Home Away from Home

The Foundation for International Education (FIE) has partnered with Temple University to provide a home away from home for Temple study away students. Since 2003, FIE’s residential life, communal living situation has provided students with a place to learn, live and laugh.

“One of our strengths is we do provide a really good range of different facilities, [including] the housing in the area around South Kensington [which is]a really great neighborhood to live in. Obviously we’ve got Foundation House, with some good internet and different places to study,” said Rachel Alcock, Student Life for FIE.

Student enjoy residential life in FIE housingFIE also has Metrogate House, a residence hall with 24-hour reception services and staff available for emergencies. Pauline McKerrall, a member of FIE’s administrative team says Temple students tend to thrive in London.

“You’re street smart in terms of knowing whether you’re in a dodgy area or such; how to take care of yourselves.  You also generally get out there and see the city more,” said McKerrall.

FIE has proven to be a great resource to Temple students during their time abroad through their vast amount of facilities and amenities available for student use. FIE currently provides housing for 25 colleges and universities.

“Generally I think FIE’s been pretty good. I think they offer some interesting courses and the staff is always present,” said Lydia Watson-Lewis, a Temple study abroad student.


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