Finals Week: Tips and Tricks

A group of students in the library can be seen making their study guides. Other students can be seen exchanging notes; making sure everything is up-to-date. And in the classroom, a student asks their instructor the age-old question: Is it going to be cumulative? 

Finals are finally here and while a good number of students are pushing to finish the semester strong, others are finding it hard to keep up the strength. I found myself struggling too which is why I decided to chat with some professors to get some guidance and maybe a word of encouragement or two. I also wanted to check in and see how some of my fellow Owls were holding up.

“Dude I don’t feel good about finals at all!” said Macy Davis, a junior at Temple. Aubrey McKinney, also a junior said “I umm…they suck. I have a lot of papers to write and it’s a lot and I’m not good at working.”

That’s okay Aubrey. We are here to help. Which is why I dropped by Professor Larisa Mann’s office to get some advice on how to get an upper hand on exams. “I try to practice writing answers a little bit just to get my brain going. So, if I know what I would answer in this case or what would I answer in that case.” She also explained that taking breaks and getting lots of rest is beneficial when it comes to studying and taking exams. Professor Mann also recommends visiting the library and talking to librarians when you find yourself having trouble with research papers.

I also talked with Professor Sosena Solomon she told me, “Self-care, I think is huge. I think we over look that. Drinking water. Doing Yoga. Whatever we need to do to get in that creative mind state that we can be critical thinkers.”

Rest seems to be a hot topic because even Professor Solomon stressed how important it was. She also brought up how important proofreading is.

Moving forward, those of us struggling to hang on to the edge should employ these methods. Like Professor Mann said the library is a valuable resource. The Samuel L. Paley Library hours are listed from 8 AM to 2 AM. They offer an Email Us Your Question Feature so when you find it to be too cold to make the walk, their services are still made available to you online. And if you having trouble supporting your thesis for that paper the Temple Writing Center will help set you on the right path. They take walk-ins and allow you to submit your paper online.

Hopefully, all you owls out there finding it hard to get through the end of the semester find the help you need to push through. Good Luck on all your finals!

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