Fly in Four off to a Flying Start

Fly in 4 is a partnership between incoming freshmen and Temple University. This program will limit the number of hours per week that students need to work for pay and will guarantee that students can complete their degrees on time, or the university will pay for any remaining courses. The program also provides undergraduates with the resources they need to graduate in four years, including advising that keeps them on track and classes that are offered when students need them.

“88 percent of the freshmen class, almost four thousand freshmen accepted the agreement,” says Jodi’s Levine Laufgraben, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.

In addition, in each incoming class, 500 students will receive annual grants of $4,000 so they can dedicate more time to their studies and less to off-campus employment.

The President of Temple University, Dr. Neil Theobald, noted that taking longer than four years to complete a degree can add thousands of dollars in debt. It also delays a student’s entry into the higher-paying, college-educated segment of the workforce.

“For nearly 50 years, researchers have shown that college students employed more than 15 hours per week during the school year earn much lower grades than do those working fewer hours for pay,” Dr. Theobald said. “In addition, time-to-graduation has become the primary determinant of student debt.”

Fly in 4 is a part of Temple’s comprehensive effort to reduce student costs at a time when higher education expenses are skyrocketing across the country. Students must consult with an academic advisor each semester; register early for classes; advance annually in class standing; and complete a graduation review at or prior to completing 90 credits to be eligible.

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