Food Ordering App Gives Students Ability to Use Their OWLcard On the Go

The mobile food ordering app Tapingo tailors specifically to college students, making it so that students can use their meal plans to order food for pick-up and delivery. The app is based out of California, but it serves colleges nationwide. Tapingo has an official partnership with Sodexo and that is part of the reason why they reached out to Temple 2 years ago. One of Sodexos General Managers helped launch the app at Temple, feeling it could really be useful to students. “Another good outlet for us to provide food services and get to the students’ needs,” said Richard Green.

According to Green, Tapingo is still continuing to grow at Temple as they are still seeing about 300 students register a week. They just recently launched delivery on Oct. 13 and he says right now there are no delivery fees, but starting Nov. 4 students will be charged a delivery fee.

The feedback from the students has been overwhelming. Temple senior Ashley Portillo said, “You have places to be and people to see, you kind of need something that’s easily accessible and I think Tapingo really does that for college students.”

Temple Sophomore Joshua Dicker also is just stating to use Tapingo and is really appreciating how quick it is.  “I don’t have to wait in line and right now I am getting my food,” said Dicker.

Vivek Wagle, the head of brand at Tapingo, says he really likes the Temple Community. He felt that Temple students could really benefit from Tapingo, since there is a very high smartphone usage on campus. The fact that he has been receiving great feedback on Twitter proves how tech savvy Temple students are. “This is the best thing that ever happened to Temple. This is app as lit. It’s been really awesome seeing the feedback there and you know knowing that we are hopefully saving Temple students some time,” said Wagle.

Tapingos partnership is currenty with Sodexo, but Temple is transitioning to Aramark on July 1. In the past Wagle has dealt with colleges switching their food provider, and is hopeful Tapingo will still be able to serve the Temple community through Aramark.

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