Freshman Applications Set Temple Record

With the March 1 deadline for the fall 2016 semester passing, Temple University has broken the previous total of freshman applications while also setting new records for diversity and the strength of academic credentials.

The previous high of 30,043 undergraduate applications was set just last year. However, this year’s number easily surpassed that mark, totaling 32,655. Compared to a year ago, there has been more than a 15 percent increase in applications, including a 16 percent increase in deposits.

Although the success of the athletics programs has contributed to these records, William Black, senior vice provost of enrollment management, said there are additional factors as well.

“The university has been experiencing a tremendous amount of momentum over the last couple of years.” said Black. “I think the increase in Merit Scholarships that we offered. Also in the last two years, we’ve offered the Temple Option, which allows students to apply without standardized test scores,” he said.

Black added the 2016 fall applicants have the strongest academic credentials in Temple history. The applicant pool boosts an average 3.63 GPA for admitted students, which is a rise from 3.61 last year.

In addition, the diversity of the applications has significantly increased. African-American applications has jumped 24 percent since 2014 and 9 percent in the past year. Applications from Latino’s are also up approximately 30 percent since 2014 and 17 percent from a year ago.

Black noted it’s not unusual for prospective students to embrace the diversity that Temple has to offer. “When I read essays from them [prospective students], it’s fairly usual for them to talk about the diversity of the Temple campus and is one of the main factors that draws them to the university,” said Black.

Black also mentioned that people are starting to realize how much Temple’s reputation is rising. “People are beginning to really understand how much of a jewel Temple is within this part of the Northeast.”




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