Philadelphia Fright Factory Stirs Up Screams and Scares

Haunted houses are a staple for the Halloween season, and with the holiday rapidly approaching, haunted attractions throughout the Philly area are in full swing.

Fright Factory, a haunted warehouse located in South Philly, hosts lines full of giggling teenagers and giddy children around the block. The main attraction, however, is what’s inside.

With a $30 entry fee, customers can expect to be frightened throughout three attractions within the warehouse. The Industrial Nightmare portion is inspired by rundown factories and rotting butcher rooms. South Side Sanatorium is home to clowns in an asylum. The Warehouse leads you to the final section, Fright Factory Unholy with inspiration was taken from films like The Exorcist and The Nun.

Dolls greet guests as they walk through the haunt

Fright Factory prides itself for scaring customers without relying on “touching” people.

Many haunted attractions use the method of pulling people away from their group and isolating them in different rooms to heighten the experience. While some argue that it adds a more exhilarating element to the adventure, Fright Factory insists that the fun comes from the talent of the actors.

Another interesting fact of the warehouse is the claim that the space is actually haunted. The founder of the attraction, Frank Procopio, has witnessed multiple ghosts wander the warehouse. He claims to have seen a skittish little girl in a nightie, as well as a tall man in a black suit.

With a cloudy history, it’s hard to pinpoint the origins of the paranormal activity. Procopio has been running the haunt for 18 years and stands behind his claims of witnessing the supernatural.

Whether the stories are real or fake, dozens flock to await their turn through the maze of the warehouse. Fright Factory will be open the weekend before Halloween, with doors opening at 7:30 PM.

The journey ends at the haunt’s store.


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