Goodbye, Paley Library



The Samuel L. Paley Library’s days are numbered, as students and other members of the Temple University community enjoy their last moments studying, researching and socializing in the historical building. 

When Russell Conwell founded the university in 1884, it didn’t have a library for 50 years; books were scattered in different buildings around Main Campus. Then, Sullivan Hall became Temple’s main library until Paley was built in 1966. Sara Wilson, the Library Outreach and Communications Administrator, said the move to Paley was similar to the move we’re about to make when the books are taken to the new Charles Library.

Paley Library is 200,000 square feet and its gate count of people using the library between July 2017 and June 2018 was 1,129,575.

Whoever wishes to take home a piece of Paley Library can attend its closing event, where furniture and other souvenirs will be for sale. At the event, attendees can also leave messages about their favorite Paley memories in a video booth.

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