“Grit and Beauty” Contest Winners Displayed in Paley Library

The winners of the tenth annual “Grit and Beauty” contest have been put in the breezeway of Paley Library, showing both the beautiful and ugly side of Philadelphia.

The contest is held by the Temple GenEd program, and it asks students to submit creative works that showcase Philadelphia’s unique landscape. Submissions included photographs, painting, short stories, and other media.

Over 100 submissions were reviewed by multiple judges from the GenEd program, and eight were selected to hang in the hall of Paley Library. The top two winners received $500, and were hung up along side the runner ups and honorable mentions.

One of the judges, Deborah Block, said “It was an actual joy to look through all of the submissions. So one of the hardest things was narrowing it down.”

This contest highlights students who explore the city of Philadelphia and take notice of the beauty behind the ugly. When asked about how these works can effect other students, Block said “Its an invitation to others to go out and explore. For them to find their own grit and beauty.”

The winning submissions will be displayed in Paley Library for the remainder of the semester.

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