Hilary Clinton Addresses AFL-CIO in Philadelphia


“This is one of the most consequential elections in our Nation’s history.”

-Hilary Clinton

Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton stopped in Philadelphia today to address labor leaders at Pennsylvania’s AFL-CIO convention.

The convention that began Tuesday is being held at the Sheraton Hotel in Center City. It is scheduled to wrap up on Thursday with a visit from Clinton’s opposing candidate, Bernie Sanders.

The AFL-CIO has yet to endorse either candidate, and Clinton and Sanders both hope that their visits to the convention this week will sway the council in their favor.

Clinton got the first chance to speak, and she touched on issues such as equal pay and minimum wage.

Organizations in attendance included the American Federation of Teachers as well as the local Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT). President of PFT, Jerry Jordan, spoke highly of Clinton following her speech, and says she covered the spectrum of a multitude of labor issues.

“Hilary Clinton is no stranger to those of us who live in Pennsylvania.” Jordan went on to say “She is just so knowledgeable of all of the areas and you could hear them today in her speech. I think she is a very exciting candidate, not just for those of us in labor, but for the citizens of this country.”

Clinton wrapped her address by honoring the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s death, and says she dreams of the same America he once dreamed of.

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