Hillary Clinton Promotes Families at Haverford Town Hall

Democratic Presidential Nominee, Hillary Clinton, hosted a “Family Town Hall” Tuesday afternoon, to discuss her plans to create a better economy for families and children alike. In the candidate’s “Push for Pennsylvania,” Secretary Clinton was greeted by hundreds of supporters at the Haverford Community Recreation & Environmental Center.

Actress and UPenn Alumna, Elizabeth Banks, moderated the event, and the nominee also brought along her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, to validate her theme of family first.

Secretary Clinton began by telling the crowd about her focus to support families and work toward a better future for children.

“What I’ve been trying to do in this campaign is really a continuation of what I’ve tried to do throughout my entire life, and that is to do everything possible to put kids and families front and center.”

The Democratic Nominee continued by touching on issues such as minimum wage, paid sick leave for new mothers, affordable child care and equal pay.

“It should not be so hard to be a young parent,” she said.

Chelsea Clinton also spoke about how important this election was for children everywhere, including her own.

“This election is so intensely personal to me because it’s about my children, their generation, the kids they’re going to be in school with.”

Actress Elizabeth banks then opened the floor to questions from the crowd. Adults and children alike asked the candidate about a range of issues from gun reform, to police brutality as well as local government.

Afterward, Clinton supporters told us they felt more confident than ever in who they were voting for in November.

The Clintons left Haverford and headed to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to continue to campaign in the state so crucial to this election.


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