Hillary for Pennsylvania Launches ‘Pennsylvania Latinos for Hillary’

Hillary Clinton at a Latinos for Hillary event last year.
Hillary Clinton at a Latinos for Hillary event last year.

Power outage did not stop Latinos for Hillary.

Hispanic leaders gathered to stir a stronger Hispanic presence in the polls this upcoming election.

A blackout at the Northeast Philadelphia Democratic Party office forced Hispanic leaders to advocate for Hillary from a furniture store that had power across the street.

Leaders such as Chairman of the Latino Caucus for the Democratic Party David Rodriguez, Olga Negron, councilwoman for the city of Bethlehem, Julio Guridy, city councilman in Allentown and others, said Latino voter turnout needs to be greater than in 2012 in order for Hillary to win Pennsylvania.

The group highlighted her constant support for the Hispanic community, the working class, minorities, and her years of experience making her what some said is a perfectly qualified candidate.

“When Hillary Clinton was in college she went down to the valley which is 95 percent Hispanic to talk to Hispanic voters and this was way before we were a deciding vote, back when nobody was doing it,” National Political Director Carlos Sanchez said.

Councilman Angel Ortiz said that more than eight hundred thousand Latinos reside in Pennsylvania.

With large rising Latino areas, the group urged more resources and propaganda in the radio, mail, and even during novelas (soap opera’s).

“We have to keep reminding our people what Donald Trump will do, it’s very scary, we cannot be comfortable about this,” Negron said.

Leaders addressed consistent support for Trump despite his offensive thoughts and with only 40 days left they said the lack of Latino voters is an issue that needs to be fixed by knocking on doors, calling, and registering them to vote.

The group said Trump was unqualified, and criticized his refusal to show his taxes and other actions such as not paying contractors.

“We need to mobilize the Latino community in the state of Pennsylvania because it is too close. And Iam talking out of fear of a Donald Trump presidency” Ortiz said.

The leaders campaign across the nation, Pennsylvania, and spoke of the future launching of Mujeres for Hillary.

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  1. Estoy interesado en el esfuerzo telefónico para convencer a los Latinos a votar durante las elecciones.

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