Bike Safety Hits the Road

National Bike month is quickly approaching, so it’s only natural that we’ll see more bikes on the road. While biking at Temple is highly recommended, so is the safety of all students, faculty and staff.  Temple provides many ways to safely bike in the community, of which is Bike Away, Temple’s bike shop on 13th and Norris streets.

“Make sure you have all the necessary equipment; eyewear, gloves, helmet, reflective equipment. Things of that nature and then get yourself really equated with the bicycle. How it rides. How you can better yourself and understand your bike. That’s the key to being safe,” said Joe Mendoza, staff member at Bike Away.

Biker fixes his bike pedalsIn addition to Bike Away, Temple provides free courses for novice bikers or bikers who are unfamiliar with biking in urban areas. The course is designed to help students find safe routes for travel and follow bike lanes in the city. It has been said that the bike information courses help students find comfortable routes for traveling.

“[The instructors of the bike course] go over things like basic safety, [how to] set up your bike, chain tensions and seat heights. [The instructors focus on safety] like wearing helmets and watching out for other cars and passengers on the road,” said student, Robert Chimienti.

Not only do these outlets provide bikers with confidence, it has been shown that bikers save money on transportation, get regular exercise and help the environment. For more information and how to get involved visit:

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