Holiday Spectacular Lights Up Comcast Center

The Comcast Holiday Spectacular draws thousands of people every year to the Comcast Center. The magic of the holidays comes alive in the fifteen minute show that plays at the top of every hour from 10am to 8pm daily. On Saturday’s from 11am-3pm, kids get a special treat when they have the chance to see and have their pictures taken with Santa.

Broadcast on a large flat screen in the lobby of the Comcast Center, the show features scenes from The Nutcracker, an orchestra, a dance sequence, and an interactive sing along portion at the end of the show. The Comcast Holiday Spectacular has become a tradition

The show is the same every year, but many guests return and bring friends to experience the holiday magic. “This is my first time seeing the show. I knew I had to see it after the way she described it,” Marilyn Cook says as she motions to her friend, Pat Gessner, who saw the Comcast Holiday Spectacular last year and brought Marilyn to see it this year.

“It was very varied. They had a lot of things going on. They had a little sing along and then they had an orchestra playing,” Eileen Smith says when asked how she enjoyed the show for the first time. Her and her friend had heard about the show from friends and made the Comcast Holiday Spectacular a destination they had to see.

The show runs from Thanksgiving to New Years.

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