Honeygrow Utilizes Virtual Reality

Honeygrow has caught the attention of employees everywhere, not because of how they work, but because of how they are trained.

After receiving a Google cardboard in a mail from the New York Times, the Philly-based restaurant chain decided to use virtual reality to train their employees.

“We loved it,” says Jen Denis, the Chief Brand Officer of Honeygrow. “And we thought it was such an interesting tool, and such an innovative way to look at things. We wanted to see how we could implement it in our training practices.”

Honeygrow has high standards for their training, and through the use of VR, employees gain an experience that cannot be gained through traditional training.

“We wanted to do something that would be rememberable,” says Michael Mazer from Honeygrow, “and something that might elevate training a bit.”  

“When we rolled it out, all of the general managers were required to try it out, and it was really… very cool,” says Larisa Hawley, a General Manager at Honeygrow. “Already being familiar with the brand, it was still very interesting to walk through it, and I went home and told my family about it, and they wanted to do it.”

Through this VR training, employees from across the globe are able to gain an introduction to both the brand and the owner over at the headquarters.

“We are now expanding to areas that are further away, Chicago and Boston, where they don’t necessarily get to meet all of the people who are here at headquarters,” states Hawley.

And although this concept for training is fairly new, Honeygrow has high hopes for the future of their brand.

“I hope that with the use of this our teams are super engaged and can embrace technology from day one,” says Denis.

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