How One Student Reaches Tik Tok Fame


The app that students cannot stop talking about, is taking the world by storm. It’s called Tik Tok.

Tik Tok is currently the second most downloaded app, surpassing Facebook and Instagram. With over 1.5 billion all time downloads, this app becomes the newest sensation creating a lot of buzz within the era of social media.

Students have mixed opinions on the app. Some use it for entertaining purposes and find it quite amusing.

“It brings me joy and a sense of peace,” said Victoria Tierno, junior. 

Others had an optimistic viewpoint on the social media app.

“It opens up to a younger audience of course gives them information that they would usually not see,” said Gary Wooten, junior

While some love it, others find it to be a bit invading.

“It may or may not be used to like get a lot of you know metadata and personal data on its users,” said Evan Kassof, PhD Candidate

Despite some difference of opinions, Tik Tokers are not stopping anytime soon.

With influences from celebrities and politicians such as Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez and Senator Elizabeth Warren, Tik Tok creates a space for these well-known famous people to let loose.

Celebrities are not the only ones gaining fame and success from the app. Users are becoming “Tik Tok Famous” everyday. Temple University senior, Drew Shipley is one of the many users who went viral, and he said it happened overnight.

Shipley created a nine-second Tik Tok that now has over 1.8 million views, 297.8 thousand likes and those numbers are consistently rising.

“It was a nine second video, so i was not expecting it but then I had people texting me like oh my god you’re on my for you page,” said Shipley. “I had famous people posting me on their stories like famous YouTubers, like what in the world is going on.”

Shipley says he is going to continue making Tik Tok videos while figuring out what kind of entertaining content viewers would want to see.


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