Montgomery County Schools Plan and Adjust to New Teaching Methods


With the coronavirus pandemic, Montgomery County schools have closed down and moved to online classes. On March 12th, Governor Wolf announced that schools would close for two weeks but on March 23rd, he announced that the closure would extend to at least April 6thand longer if necessary.

Teachers have been using apps like Google Classroom, Google Meet and Zoom as tools for online learning. Teachers are worried though that online classes will not be the same as learning in a classroom.

Mrs. Heiler, a teacher at Corpus Christi, said “Google Classroom, Google Meet, and Zoom have been extremely useful tools. However, they cannot fill the role of a typical school day, which is full of social interactions and many teaching styles to meet the needs of all students. School offers so much more than the sharing of information and I truly miss seeing and interacting with my students every day.”

Teachers are hoping that students are able to return to school.

Mr. Taylor, a teacher at East Norriton Middle School, said “In the meantime, we’re just hoping that the kids come back, we want the kids to come back. We miss the kids. I think the kids miss us, they need that closure and we’re all hoping for a safe outcome.”

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