Increased Police Presence Due to Recent Assaults Off-Campus

In the recent weeks, Temple University has experienced a series of off-campus assaults involving students. One incident involved a mob of teenagers who attacked a Temple student with a brick, leaving her hospitalized. The teenage girls suspected in the brick incident have been arrested and will be tried as adults.

In response to the recent events, Temple University has developed immediate and long-term plans to increase security and ensure student safety. Temple Update had the chance to talk with James Creedon, Temple University’s Senior Vice President for Construction, Facilities, and Operations, about what Temple is doing to keep students safe both on and off campus.

“What we want to do in the ­­­short-term perspective is increase the bike presence, increase the undercover presence and increase the Philadelphia police presence,” said Creedon.

In terms of long-term solutions, Creedon mentioned that the Temple Police are reviewing and discussing the possibility of expanding the boundaries that they patrol so more Temple students who live off-campus will be in the bounds of Temple’s security force. Creedon stresses the importance of students being aware of their surroundings and advises students to avoid distractions such as phones when off-campus. He urges them to report any suspicious activity both on and off-campus. He feels if Temple Security is “focusing on the bike patrol, focusing on the undercover resources, having Philadelphia help us out, and having the students be a little bit smart when coming out,” then Temple students will be safer both on and off-campus.

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