Internship Opportunity at Democratic Nat’l Convention

Temple University President Neil Theobald announced the specifics of the scholarship for Temple students to work at the Democratic National Convention. Although this information was known to certain students and professors, this press conference was the first time it was announced to the public.

“It will continue what has really been a breakthrough year,” said Theobald. “It will be focused on the career aspirations of our students.”

With the help of The Washington Center, an education institution in Washington D.C., ten scholarships have been given to Temple for the students who wish to attend the academic program. These interns will be working alongside Democratic Party officials, committees, or the media. However, the caveat is the recipients of the scholarships have to provide their own housing. The deadline for these scholarships is Friday, November 20th.

Anh Nguyen, a Temple student and an applicant for the scholarship, came to the press conference after she was recommended to attend from a professor. “My major is journalism but I wanted more knowledge about political science. I would love to be a part of the internship program during the summer,” she said.

The goal of these scholarships to provide Temple students with a chance for learning and networking. Michelle J. Atherton, the Associate Director for Public Affairs, advocates and organizes for this program. “A lot of Temple students come from working class backgrounds and can’t always afford it,” Atherton said.

The Washington Center is the only program of their size and visibility that gives young people this opportunity at a collegiate level. Temple will host 250-300 interns July 17-29.

The application for the internship and scholarship can be found here. In order to be considered for the scholarship, the application must be in November 20.

During this time, all students will be living at Morgan Hall and take classes within Morgan and Wachman Hall.

The deadline for the internship with the Washington Center is in March.

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