Jim Kenney Elected as Mayor of Philadelphia

Jim Kenney in a black suit in a chairFormer councilman Jim Kenney has won the title of Mayor of Philadelphia, defeating Republican Marissa Murray Bailey in a landslide vote.  Kenney will take the place of current mayor, Democrat Michael Nutter in January 2016.

Kenney celebrated at the Democratic headquarters in Old City at the National Museum of American JewishHistory.  During the acceptance speech, Kenney attributed some of his success to “these groups [who] did far more than just elect a new mayor, they proved every neighborhood matters.”

He took to Twitter to thank the environmentalists, feminists, teachers, working families, first responders, unions, parents, clergy, LGBT community, and immigrants who took the time to vote for him.

The City of Philadelphia has not seen Republican mayor in over 60 years.  In her concession speech at the United Republicans Club in Old City, Melissa Murray Bailey stated “Where do we go from here? The answer is to sleep…We decide where we go tomorrow.”  She thanked her campaign members, parents, and all of the Philadelphia citizens who voted for her.


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