Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation Brings Mixed Reaction On Campus

In a 52-48 vote Monday, the Senate confirmed Justice Amy Coney Barrett, securing her spot on the United States Supreme Court.

Barrett’s confirmation is one of the fastest in history, and has raised concerns being so close to Election Day.

Temple political science department chair Robin Kolodny says the rapidness of the confirmation may leave long lasting effects.

“In this particular case, the political fallout for Senate republicans I think in particular over the way they handled this compared to what they said about Merrick Garland, could be lasting for quite some time,” Kolodny said.

Barrett’s seat on the court gives conservatives a 6-3 majority, which could affect a range of issues that come before it.

Jediael Peterson, vice president of IgniteTu, a women empowerment club focused on politics, says there is a lot at stake.

“A lot of people’s lives are at risk, specifically women and people of color in this country… and with the year that we’ve had that’s the last thing we need,” Peterson said.

Reciting the judicial oath Tuesday, Barrett, who is 48, begins her tenure as associate justice less than a week before election day and is likely to serve on the court for decades.

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