Klein Adds to Race and Diversity Conversation

Professor David Brown responds to the fight against racial injustice on behalf of Klein College of Media and Communication.

Professor David W. Brown, Diversity Advisor to the Dean of The Klein College of Media and Communication, put out a statement on June 24, in response to racial inclusion and diversity within the College.

Professor Brown, in addition to being the Diversity Advisor to the Dean, is a public relations professor and active public relations practitioner.

As a community of media scholars and professionals, we’re potent agents in advocating for change, and we believe that our platforms as communicators have immense power. We seek to heal these centuries-old divides through hard work and leadership, through conversations that invite us to engage with and challenge one another, and by remembering that peaceful and purposeful activism are our roads to unity,” Brown said.

Professor Brown is asking to hear more about what Klein students and alumni are doing to build diversity, equity and inclusion at home and work. To do so, send an email to kleinalumni@temple.edu or tag @TUKleinCollege on all social media platforms. There, the College will continue to share university-based resources and opportunities for students.

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