Larry Sanders Encourages Study Abroad Students to Vote

Students studying abroad were pleasantly surprised when they found out an alternate way to vote in the election, besides an absentee ballot.

Democrats Abroad is an organization dedicated to mobilizing American voters living abroad.

Larry Sanders came out in full force to present on behalf of his brother, democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, at Boston University’s campus in London.

“Big money has been determinant to a lot of our elections, but Bernard has for the first time made that the whole of this, he’s not beholden to anybody,” said Sanders. “I think independence has been his central theme of his life, really.”

“This is the first really major election that I’ve been able to be apart of,” said Temple junior Archie Cooley. “So to be able to do that and also be studying away really meant a lot.”

Pennsylvania’s Primary will be held on April 26, the deadline to register to vote is March 28, 2016.

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