Liberti Church in Center City is Giving Back to the Homeless Community

Liberti Church, located on 17th and Samson street, is doing more that usual to help out their local homeless community. Every Saturday morning, the church opens it’s doors to hundreds of people for a free lunch-in.

“Emmanuel was a ministry that was started by First Baptist Church, right here in this building,” says Vito Baldini, the Pastor at Liberti Church. “They were looking for a way and a desire to serve their neighbors in the Philadelphia area that were experiencing homelessness.”

And not only were they giving a free meal to the homeless, but building a community of kind-hearted and loving individuals.

“We believe that engaging on a weekly basis is important in terms of building relationships, building community,” says Matt Soldano, the head chef of Emmanuel ministries. “When people don’t know if you’re gonna be there on Saturday it’s hard for them to trust you. So we’ve started to come every week.”

“Every person is treated with dignity and respect, and because of that we serve them with a good, quality meal. Volunteers love the experience, guests love the experience,” exclaims Pastor Vito.

Every week provides the homeless with a meal that they can enjoy, and moving forward, Emmanuel ministries hopes to expand what they are doing by providing even more for their community.

“What we want to do moving forward is be a consistent place where people can come out of the elements, get into a safe space, get a warm healthy meal, and be able to relax for several hours, while it just being in relation to the community with one another,” explains Matt Soldano.

Anyone who is interested in volunteering can travel to Liberti Church at 10:00 AM every Saturday. Hands are always needed, and volunteers are always welcome.

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