Londoners React to Presidential Election


With Election Day upon us, Americans have not been the only ones keeping up with who is getting closer to getting the oval office.

We stopped and talked to Londoners around the South Kensington and Imperial College area to learn more about their final thoughts on this year’s election.

“A joke: that’s how I feel,” Londoner Jessica Burbury said about the US Election. “They’ve shamed each other a lot more than in previous elections. Like, it’s very personal. Like, when you listen to the debate and things. I watched the first one and it’s more like an attack on each other and less talk of the politics and things that people would be interested in.”

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton seems to have the support of Londoners, as her political career has made her the best fit to be the next President of the United States. Londoners report that they can’t wait to see the results from tonight’s polls and get this election over with.


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