London’s Temple Owls are Everywhere for Spring Break

Students have been taking classes for the past seven weeks and with spring break right around the corner, you can feel the anticipation in the crisp London air.

Temple’s London students have a diverse variety of plans differing in locations, modes of transport, activities, and even the company they keep during break.

Studying abroad allows them to have affordable access to different places and cultures they would not have been able to experience otherwise. When abroad everyday is a learning opportunity and with a week and a half off classes these owls are ready to spread their wings and take full advantage of these opportunities.

“I think it’s just having to be independent. I’ve had to figure out a lot on my own that I would not have to in Philly, or at home with the comfort of my family nearby. And I just think it’s a lot about coming with all these new people, having to just be yourself, and face new challenges on your own and kinda break into your own shell and I think all of us have really like learned a lot about ourselves,” reflected Nicole Didi, a Temple Student studying in London this semester.

Regardless of where or how Temple students travel one thing phrase rings true… Owls are everywhere.

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