Looking for a Furry Friend?

The Philadelphia Welfare Society PAWS the city’s largest pet rescue partner has dedicated the last 15 years to finding new forever homes for many of the city’s at-risk pets. 

They are always looking for students interested in volunteering, fostering, or even adopting a new furry friend. 

Emily Ackerman, 21, a Senior Human Development and Community Engagement major, recently adopted her four-year-old cat. 

“I really knew that I wanted to have a pet, I wanted some type of companion, and I am just obsessed with animals,” Said Ackerman

Ackerman adopted her cat, Elton, from Drexel students that were fostering him from Philly PAWS. 

“I was trying to consider whether or not it was a good decision based on how much time I had to dedicate to him but he’s pretty low maintenance so it’s not so bad. He’s great to have around. It feels good to have something to care for,” said Ackerman. 

In 2020 Philly PAWS rescued over 2,749 homeless and at-risk pets.

For the past 15 years, they have been working towards making Philadelphia a no-kill city where every pet can find a forever home. 

Kimberly Pollock, 35, has been a volunteer at PAWS for over four years. She wants to make sure students understand the gravity of adopting a pet and finding their perfect match. 

“You want to make sure that you are taking everything into account you know if you have a kitten are you going be home enough to play with it, or are you going be at the library or in class or the tech center,” says Pollock  “You want to make sure that you really think exactly what you want in a pet and what you can provide for that pet.”

Due to a Temple University Policy students who live on campus are not allowed to have pets unless they are a trained service or assistance animals.

However, those who live off-campus can have a pet if they have landlord approval.

Students interested in adopting can go to the Philly PAWS website and apply to adopt either a cat or a dog. The PAWS team will review applications and help students find their right fit. 

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