LoveTU Returns for Another Year

The Wellness Resource Center is gearing up for its third annual LoveTU showcase event.

Every year a handful of student performers showcase routines that go along with the theme of the event.

“We have a lot of student organizations performing and all their performances are around hope, self-love, and resilience,” said Wellness Education Program Coordinator Brittany Robinson.

“They can see a lot of students and student orgs telling their own stories from their own perspectives and having a lot of great autonomy and passion for their own experiences,” she said.

The staff at the Wellness Center hope that the event will be seen as more than just entertainment.

“We hope that students will feel empowered and encouraged to participate in more self-love. We will have plenty of resources available as well at our event,” said Wellness Education Graduate Extern Claudia Miriello.

There are also some new changes to the show, adding to the excitement.

“This year at LoveTU we have some new performers who are going to be performing some very exciting songs and dances. The stories the students are telling are very different and I’m very excited about the diversity that we have in our performers” said Robinson.

The event will take place in the Underground at the Student Center on February 13th.

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