Mail-in Voting Concerns Some Temple Students


The November 3rd election is about two weeks away and many students are still unsure about the new processes for voting. With Pennsylvania voter registration ending Monday, Temple Update asked students and experts about the mail-in ballot experience. 

Cameron Dillion, a junior marketing major, said that she was confused about the mail-in process. She talked about the horror stories she had heard. “I heard stuff about places getting ripped up or like them being taken somewhere else”.

Another Student, Ally Yu, said that she also heard bad news about the mail-in process on social media. She had to do research in order to reassure her trust in the system. “I’ve done a lot of reading and I feel like my vote will matter” she said.

Philadelphia Commissioner Omar Sabir says that the idea of mail fraud and interference with the mail-in voting system is inaccurate. “There is no mail fraud. There’s more chance that you get struck by lightning than mail fraud” Sabir said. He wants Philadelphia voters to know that mail-in ballots are trustworthy and have been given a bad reputation. “That’s the message that people want to get out to scare people and confuse people” Sabir said.

Temple Update spoke with Chris Carey, the Senior Associate Dean of Students at Temple, about the various ways Temple is helping students limit their concern. Carey spoke about Temple Votes, a new way for students to receive trustworthy information. “We really wanted to increase the civic engagement among Temple students” he said.

Temple Votes aims to “make sure students can get clear nonpartisan, unbiased information about the processes that make the decision for them easier”, he said. With the election quickly approaching, Carey hopes that students take advantage of the website to get themselves involved in the election process. 

Voter registration in Pennsylvania ends Monday October 19th, and any mail-in ballot applications must be submitted by October 27th. For more registration and mail-in ballot resources, visit

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