Making A Splash For MS


Over 40 swimmers are hitting the water in honor of those fighting multiple sclerosis. Temple students are participating in a cause to raise money for the MS Association of America.  The swimmers have raise a total of $2,175 and are currently working for a $5,000 goal.  Funds raised go directly towards covering medical coast and necessary equipment needed to help MS patients get around safely.

Ann Rejrat is the founder of “Swim for MS” and said her sister was the inspiration behind the project.

Rejrat told Update, “I’m hoping that people will learn something about MS and come out and support it and donate to it. And help out people like my sister who need it. This is a disease that doesn’t have a cure.”

The program is open to anyone looking to swim for a cause. There is even an option for who are not swimming enthusiasts yet would still like to contribute. Some donors have done cannonballs for cash so that they can create their own swim log and support Rejrat along with those fighting MS.

Multiple Sclerosis affects more than 400,000 people in the United States.

Click here to donate to Ann’s swim.


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