Course On Sex Assault Now Mandatory For All Students

University Pres. Neil Theobald has released a statement that detailed a new online mandatory program to be completed by all Temple students.

The online program, created and conducted by the Presidential Committee on Campus Sexual Misconduct, will survey the entire student body as a way to gain a better understanding of students’ perception of sexual misconduct on Temple’s campus. The program will also be implemented as a way to review the effectiveness of the University’s current procedures, and compare our policies to other universities in the U.S.

While online survey’s like this already exist for incoming freshman, sources from the university say the program will now be required for all upperclassman.  “The upperclassman (take) ongoing education with these training modules that are really going to keep this at the front of their minds,” says Ryan Rinaldi, President of TSG. Each questionnaire is estimated to take anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes to complete. In addition, The Presidential Committee on Campus Sexual Misconduct have implemented training programs for freshman during their orientation in efforts to immediately address the issue while settling into the college atmosphere.

More than 22 forceable sexual assaults have been reported on main campus within the past 4 years alone. Over this time the University has increased efforts to raise awareness and create more preventative programs. The Wellness Resource Center also sponsors interactive programs to prevent as many assaults as possible.  Awareness programs like Walk a Mile in Her Shows, The Clothesline Project, and Take Back The Night are initiatives that have been held annually over the past several years.

In his emailed statement Pres. Theobald explained that continual funding for awareness and preventative programs will be provided by his office as a way to strengthen University services.

“Sexual misconduct is a serious issue, and we must all work together to create and maintain a safe, respectful and welcoming environment on our campus,” Theobald said. “The committee’s review of efforts at other universities makes it clear there is no easy, straightforward solution. The plans we have developed further enhance the information, support services and fair proceedings that are available to all parties.”

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