Manhattan Sports Business Academy at STHM Annual Career Fair

On Wednesday, November 15th, the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management held their 26th annual career fair at Mitten Hall.

The fair included industry partners such as Comcast Spectator, Tiffany & Co, Aramark, and many more. One of the programs truly set the tone for opportunity in networking for students.

This program is the Manhattan Sports Business Academy – a summer immersion program designed for college students to take the next steps in their career in the sports industry. The program gives students the opportunity to take on internships, attend development workshops, take office field trips, and make connections.

A participant of this program, Temple senior Will Bubenik – a sports recreation and management major – wanted more for himself in the field of sports.

He says, “So when I was a freshman, I had a few experiences, I had worked for the Sixers, and a nonprofit in sports, but I really wanted to take my career to the next level. So, what I ended up doing, was literally type into Google ‘how to break into the business of sports,’ and an article popped up in Forbes about the Manhattan Business Academy.”

Ryan Schlaepfer, another Temple participant says, “the program exposed me to the different sides of the industry that I wouldn’t normally think of.”

Both Will and Ryan participated in the program their junior year and hope to continue the “pipeline” of Temple students participating in this program.

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